Prescription compounding is the creation of a product from scratch, which allows customization of the ingredients and the final dose strength of the product. Prescription compounding is useful for patients with needs that are unmet by commercially available products. This custom preparation allows the creation of products that are not otherwise commercially available.

Compounded topical products such as creams or lotions can be applied to specific parts of the body, which may lower the chance of side effects such as nausea and stomach upset.

Compounded prescriptions are individualized to fit each patient with a prescription from your doctor.

We offer a variety of prescription compounding services. Our areas of specialty include:

  • Topical pain management
  • Estrogen replacement therapy
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Chewable pet medications

Call us or stop in the store to learn more about what we offer. We can provide you and your doctor with more information if requested. We will work closely with your doctor to find a product preparation that meets your needs.

We promise a quick product preparation time and offer free local delivery for all prescriptions.


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Testosterone replacement therapy Topical pain management

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